Don't Be Disturbed By E-mail with Email Prioritizer

The folks at the DMV have a saying: "This would be a great place to work if it weren't for all the customers." In much the same way, you probably think that it would be a lot easier to get your work done if your inbox wasn't constantly filling up with messages. Now you can enlist Email Prioritizer to pause incoming email so you can single task on stuff that really needs to be done -- but allow high-pri mail to continue flowing.

That's right, Email Prioritizer actually keeps incoming messages from appearing in your inbox during "do not disturb" periods that you specify.

I hear what you're saying: Why not just close Outlook for an hour instead of running a new program to essentially do that same thing? Well, Email Prioritizer can be configured to let high priority messages through -- it's like call screening for email. You can let through, for example, messages from your manager, e-mail from people you're meeting with soon, mesaages with certain words in the subject line, and more. The filtering system is actually quite powerful and definitely makes Email Prioritizer a worthy tool.

Unfortunately, the program requires Exchange Server, so you can only use this at work -- not at home. It's free and comes from Microsoft Office Labs, which has also brought us cool stuff like the awesome Forgotten Attachment Detector.