Donald Sterling: Racist recordings inspire late-night hosts

Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling attends the NBA playoff game between the Clippers and the Golden State Warriors, April 21, 2014 in Los Angeles. NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said April 29 that Sterling has been given a lifetime ban from the NBA.
Most wouldn't see banned-for-life NBA owner Donald Sterling's comments about race as a laughing matter, except if you're a late-night TV host.

Everyone from Jimmy Fallon to Conan O'Brien has been taking shots at the Los Angeles Clipper owner after he found himself at the center of a major controversy over the weekend.

Sterling was a hot topic during the hosts' opening night monologues on Monday.

"Earlier today, he was rushed to the Paula Deen Rehab Center in Georgia," joked CBS' "Late Show" host David Letterman, who used his "Top 10" segment to name off a list of people Sterling looked like.

"Mikey Rourke" came in at No. 2 on the list while "the former owner of the Los Angeles Clippers" was No. 1:

The soon-to-be-departing "Late Late Show" host Craig Ferguson also weighed in on the scandal.

"You know it's bad when you get caught on tape with your mistress, and it's what you said that's the problem," the funnyman said:

"Donald Sterling was actually scheduled to receive a lifetime achievement award from the NAACP," NBC's "Tonight" show host Jimmy Fallon pointed out, "But the organization has now called off that ceremony. It turns out black people don't want to be photographed with him either. So it kinda works out perfect."

"Late Night" host Seth Meyers devoted his "Couple Things" segment to Sterling.

"First thing: Yikes!," Meyers said, "Second thing: It's 2014, that's the year we live in, and also how racist you are on a scale of 1-10."

"Sterling insists he's not a racist. He says some of his best credit cards are black," quipped ABC's Jimmy Kimmel.

TBS' Conan O'Brien said, "It's being reported that the girlfriend of Donald Sterling may have 100 more hours of racist audio. Or as Rush Limbaugh calls it, a month's worth of talk radio."

On Instagram, Aresnio Hall posted a photo of himself with a cardboard cutout of Sterling:

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