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Dog's bark sounds like he's saying "hello," this week on The Feed!

Dog's bark sounds like he's saying "hello" 03:00

This week's most popular viral videos include a dog within another dog, a cow on a cold tin roof, ice climbing frozen Niagara Falls, a kitten playing with ducklings, a dog that barks "hello," a barbershop quartet providing in-flight entertainment and an adorable "Old MacDonald."

First up, Jimmie Augustus Theodorus shared this video of a "magic dog" surprise.

While passing through White Plains, Georgia, pgarrard5 captured an odd scene -- a cow on a rooftop. But, even better than the cow are the women commenting from behind the camera. Their desperate pleas to a cow are hilarious.

World-renowned ice climber and paraglider Will Gadd is always looking for a new challenge. He certainly found one at Niagara Falls. In this clip from Red Bull, the Canada native managed to scale the frozen sections of the Falls -- a 147-foot climb. Gadd says that after he finished the feat he was hypothermic. And, even though he made it to the top, the waterfall did a lot more damage to him than he did to it.

A sincere "bravo" to the genius that decided to add a kitten to a box of ducklings, creating this "awww" inducing video from ignoramusky.

John Freefor posted this clip of a dog barking and it sounds just like the pup is saying "hello." It's a French Bulldog, so someone should probably teach it "bonjour" next.

When this US Airways flight to New Orleans gets delayed for maintenance, the young-at-heart members of the barbershop quartet Port City Sound step in to save the day. Luckily, flight attendant Kari Mann was able to capture this video of them performing a passenger-pleasing rendition of The Drifters' classic "Under the Boardwalk."

Little Josie is just shy of two years old. In this video from Eric Palonen, she's doing her best to sing her way through "Old MacDonald Had a Farm." When she gets it right, it's great. When she gets it wrong, it's great. But, the best part is when she makes animal noises.

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