Dog chasing a large ball gets a bit overly excited

(CBS News) If you've got a ball, then I know a dog super excited to meet you. Dogs love balls. Plain and simple. Chasing them.  Fetching them. You name it. And the video above is no exception, with one tiny, but funny twist. This dog may be a little bit too excited for his own good.

I can't help but notice the football goal in the background and think the little Boston Terrier was going for an extra point... anyone else?  Nope?  Just me?  Well, fine, then.  The caught-on-tape case of animal antics gone wrong was posted by YouTube user bdrowns who writes:

Tito flips for his new favorite game.

Very, very punny!  And I'm thinking if some form of canine pole vaulting is Tito's new favorite game, then he has a real future.  If it's chasing balls, however... he may want to rethink his strategy.  Just saying.