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Does Your New Logo Suck? Find Out at Concept Feedback

So you designed a new company logo. Or B2B site. Or business card, newsletter, personal portfolio, etc. But is it any good? Will it accomplish your goals? You can get critiques and suggestions from other designers at Concept Feedback.

Just upload your artwork, then sit back and wait for the "actionable feedback" (i.e. crowd-sourced reviews) to roll in. Here's an example of the kind of constructive criticism you might get:

There are two options for soliciting feedback. First, you can pony up $10 for a "premium concept," meaning it gets more promotion on the site and affords the option of giving cash rewards for the best comments -- both likely to net you more and better feedback.

Second, you can post five reviews of other people's concepts (and potentially earning a few bucks of your own), thus earning you a credit to post a concept. Much as I like that "sweat equity" option, 10 bucks is a tiny price to pay for some impartial, potentially invaluable feedback. I'd choose that every time. [via Web Worker Daily]

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