Does Career Phase Matter More Than Generation?

Last Updated Mar 16, 2010 2:32 PM EDT


Tech-savvy jobs hoppers who demand an explanation for every request -- does this description apply to Gen Y or just to early career professionals no matter what their age? Using his own mother who entered the workforce at 35 after a divorce as an example, Lance Haul, the HR pro behind the blog Rehaul, argues in a recent podcast from Renegade HR that the characteristics often ascribed to Gen Y are really just symptoms of early career confusion and recent training.
So why all the hubbub over Gen Y? Haun sees the focus on generation as mostly a handy marketing gimmick used by experts and consultants to repackage traditional management advice, and declares "there's no money in exploring what's similar and common among generations." Though Haun also concedes that there are some small differences between the generations.

(Inter-generational image by pieterjanviaene, CC 2.0)

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