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Do You Write Like Kurt Vonnegut?

A Russian who started a website, I Write Like, to help people write better has a hit on his hands.
I Write Like has gone viral and it's easy to see why. You paste a sample of your writing into a box on the website and its software will tell you which published author that your writing resembles.

To test it, I inserted a few paragraphs from a recent post of mine, 5 Reasons Why College Students Are Studying Less. I Write Like concluded that my writing resembles the late David Foster Wallace. Who knew?

I then pasted in an excerpt from a story that I just finished for Parade Magazine. This time I learned that my writing resembles Kurt Vonnegut.

A writer for The New Yorker pasted in a birthday invitation. The analysis showed that the writing was in the same league as James Joyce. The Gawker typed in the transcript of Mel Gibson's crazy leaked phone calls and the software compared Gibson to Margaret Atwood.

Okay, so the site isn't scientific. But it sure is fun, which is obviously why it's gone viral.

I Write Like image by samyell. CC 2.0.

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