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Rod Blagovich, the former Governor of Illinois, is the "underdog in the campaign of his life to clear his name." That's according to, a personal website recently launched by Blagovich's handlers in an attempt to rebrand the ousted politician as a "champion for ordinary people." Google search Rod's full name and you will see the Governor's spin site on the first page of the results, albeit below news articles about his impeachment. However, that's a decent showing considering how many negative stories about Blagovich are out there on the web. This may be an extreme example, but owning and managing your own personal website is one sure way to take control of your web presence.

Job seekers are also looking to improve how they are represented online by creating their own personal pages. Beyond better search engine results, personal websites might give one an edge over the competition because anyone can create a Facebook page or LinkedIn profile. With services like, job hunters can cultivate their "personal brand" at a domain address to match their name. These services are supposedly easy to use with drag and drop features that help you pick a background template and upload videos and pics to fill out the space next to your resume and contact information.

So do you own and operate Please share whether you think a personal website is worth it below.