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Do Not Call List Won't Expire; Not an Issue for Some Companies

unhappy-telemarketer.jpgIf you were anxiously anticipating the "Do Not Call" list's 2008 expiration, you're in for some disappointment. Although the list -- initiated in 2003 -- was supposed to have a five-year shelf life, the FTC announced that consumers will not have to re-register next year since future legislation may make the list permanent.

FTC Chairman Deborah Pratt Majoras commented on the original five-year limitation:

"When the registry was developed in 2003, the five-year registration period was a reasonable way to ensure that the list remained accurate and up-to-date. Our experience since then in building, maintaining and enforcing the registry has led the commission to re-examine its original position on re-registration."
It might be easier to create an index of people who are willing to receive sales calls, since 76 percent of adult Americans were on the list in 2006. As of this year, there are 149 million phone numbers on there. And yet companies still find ways to bypass the DNC barrier through the "previous business relationship" loophole, or through creative promotions that elicit consumer consent.

Everyone has an opinion on telemarketing, but it's clearly an effective sales vehicle or companies wouldn't evade the registry. What's been your company's experience? How many consumers cry "Don't call me!" and yet end up satisfied customers?

(Unhappy Telemarketer image courtesy of SpooSpa, cc 2.0)

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