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DIY Cell Phone Car Mount for Under $10

Want to mount your smartphone on your dashboard? Of course you do! How else will you use it for GPS navigation? And apps like Text'nDrive?

Earlier this year, Dave wrote up an Instructables project on building your own smartphone dashboard mount. That one involved a fair bit of work, though. If you like projects that require few parts and even fewer minutes, check out the DIY phone mount.

It starts with a Garmin suction cup mount, which you can find on eBay for as little as $4.49 shipped. Then you pair it with the cheapest hard case you can find that's designed for your phone. (For example, Meritline sells an iPhone 4 plastic case for all of $1.99 shipped.)

All that remains is to saw the two ends off the bracket (which was originally designed to hold a Garmin GPS) so you have a flat piece you can glue to the back of the case. Presto! A seriously solid mount that's custom-fitted to your phone.

This looks way better than the wobbly goose-neck mount I've been using. Think I might just do a little shopping today. You? [via Lifehacker]