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Disinformation Warfare

Disinformation Warfare
Disinformation Warfare 13:39

Margarita Simonyan is the head of RT, Russia's state-run television network. She's also been referenced 27 times in a U.S. intelligence report that assesses that Russian President Vladimir Putin, "ordered an influence campaign… aimed at the U.S…. election."

Simonyan has a simple response to that.

"There's nothing illegal that we did," Simonyan tells 60 Minutes correspondent Lesley Stahl. "There's nothing murky. There's no weird activity that we're involved in. Nothing."

Simonyan says RT didn't support Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton in the election, but even if they did, she doesn't think that would be anything out of the ordinary.

"Isn't that what the American media do as well?" Simonyan asks. "British media supported Hillary. No problem with that. No interference. Nothing. French media supported Hillary. No problem with that. Some Russian media supported Trump: 'Oh my God!'"

Although RT's connection with President Trump's former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, particularly a paid invite to attend a 2015 gala, has raised eyebrows.

See the full interview with Simonyan in the video above.

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