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Disarray On Survivor Island

Emotions take over on this week's "Survivor."

Bickering, mistrust and disarray erupt after last week's surprise double elimination of two contestants, according to the show's producers.

And in a twist to the game, a mysterious visitor arrives on the island, as either the reward or punishment for the tribe that wins a contest.

"Survivor" pundit Greg Feltes predicts Eliza is marked for elimination in the women's Yasur tribe. He predicts the alliance of older men in the Lopevi tribe will continue to pick off its youngest members.

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The official Survivor Web site continues to provide "Survivor" video that did not make it to air, including footage of Mia reflecting on how "pride" and her "big mouth" got her thrown out of the game, and J.P. expressing surprise that people were offended by some of his remarks.

Last week the show had 19.9 million viewers, according to the Nielsen ratings, becoming the second-most watched show in the nation, up from ninth the week before.

Friday's The Early Show will feature the latest loser (or losers).

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