Dirt-Cheap GPS: Navigon iPhone App on Sale for $14.99

Lost? Your iPhone can guide you as effectively as any GPS -- all you need is the right app. The better ones are on the pricey side, but from now until June 11, Navigon MyRegion is on sale for $14.99.

(Note: That link takes you to the U.S. East edition. The U.S. Central and U.S. West editions are available for the same price.)

True to its name, MyRegion is a regional version of Navigon MobileNavigator, which is widely regarded as one of the iPhone's best GPS apps (an opinion I share). And let's face it: Most of us do our driving within the same chunk of the U.S. (if not the same state).

If you do end up taking a cross-country road trip, it's not a problem: You can purchase and unlock other regions right inside the app.

Like MobileNavigator, MyRegion offers more navigation features than I can list here. The highlights: text-to-speech, integrated Google search, location sharing via e-mail, in-app iPod controls, and optional live traffic updates.

Given that MobileNavigator sells for $79.99, MyRegion is a steal at $14.99. You need an iPhone 3G or 3GS to run it.