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Did Tiger's Body Language Betray Him?

While Tiger Woods seemed honest and genuine during his long-awaited public statement Friday, his body language detracted from it by making it seem staged and over-rehearsed.

That, according to former FBI body language expert Joe Navarro, author of "Louder Than Words."

On "The Early Show Saturday Edition," Navarro told co-anchor Erica Hill, "This (apology) was very staged. And I think over-rehearsal actually hurt Tiger Woods in this event."

Navarro says Woods came across "as being very emotional. Deeply, deeply troubled by what's happened. Very contrite. Very humble. I think very honest, but, unfortunately, too rehearsed."

"I think he came across as genuine," Navarro added. "I think what detracted from him was he practiced this speech too long."

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He says Woods' non-verbal communication began revealing things about his state of mind even before his statement did - as he walked to the podium. "It looked unusual," Navarro observed. "Usually he comes into a room, he dominates the room. Here, he looked very humble. His eyes were shaking a little bit, he's grasping onto that lectern. And he looked very contrite."

Woods many long pauses and deep breaths were noteworthy, too, Navarro noted.

At one point, Woods said, "I want to say to each of you simply and directly (long pasue, deep breath), I am deeply sorry."

That, says Navarro, was "a cathartic exhale. We do this when we are deeply and emotionally troubled. This is very genuine behavior. It lets us know that he's really feeling a lot of pain."

Woods' tightly holding onto the lectern most of the time was also worth pointing to, Navarro said. At one time, though, Woods let go, as he was talking about some personal issues.

"You see a very somber audience, which was obviously put there for a purpose," Navarro says. "But in his gestures the whole time, he's hanging on, and then we have him talking about some personal issues and so forth. And that's the first time that we actually see him raising his hands and gesturing."

And when his hand went to his heart when he talked about his wife - was that genuine or a staged move? "I think that's genuine," Navarro replied.

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