Developer alleges iPhone text messages can be hacked

Josh Miller/CNET

(CBS News) Apple iPhone owners may have a security issue to worry about.

A blog post by a developer who calls himself Pod2g is circulating online that alleges text messages on iPhones can be hacked. The blogger suggests that every model, going back to the original iPhone is at risk.

Describing the technical details of how the hack may be accomplished, Pod2g claims that a hacker can change the reply-to address of a text message. The developer claims that "carriers don't check this part of the message, which means one can write whatever he wants in this section: a special number like 911, or the number of somebody else."

The risks of this type of alleged security loophole are phishing for sensitive information or the potential for an impostor to send false messages. 

Apple did not immediately respond to CBS News' request for comment on the allegations.