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Despite Inclement Weather, Obama Supporters Turn Out in Pa.

From CBS News' Maria Gavrilovic:

(CHESTER, PA.) Several thousand people braved the freezing rain attend a Barack Obama rally at Widener University this morning. The impressive crowd provided an encouraging sign for the Barack Obama, who immediately recognized the dedication of his supporters.

"This is an unbelievable crowd for this kind of weather. Thank you so much. And I just want all of you to know if we see this kind of dedication on Election Day – there is no way that we're not going to bring change to America," he said as the crowd cheered on.

Although the wind and rain became increasingly uncomfortable during the rally, Obama, dressed in jeans and sneakers, spoke for almost 30 minutes without an umbrella. Last night, the World Series in Philadelphia was canceled because of similar weather conditions. John McCain canceled his appearance in Quarkertown this morning.

Obama also took on a more aggressive tone in his criticism of McCain, as he blasted his record on the economy.

"He supported four out of the five Bush budgets – that have taken us from surplus under the Clinton years to the largest deficit in history," Obama charged.

"John McCain has ridden shotgun as George Bush has driven our economy toward the cliff. And now he wants to take the wheel and step on the gas."

Throughout the speech, Obama used the rain as a metaphor for his campaign. Some lines, such as "we've faced clouds in the sky before" appeared a bit contrived but the crowd was receptive and cheered him on. At the end, Obama used the weather to motivate the thousands to vote on Nov. 4.

"If all of you are willing to be just as determined as you are today - if all of you go out on election day - if all of you get your friends and your neighbors, your co-workers, if you are determined to bring about a better America, then I promise you this, we will not just win Pennsylvania, we will win this general election."

Obama heads to Virginia this afternoon, where more rain is in the forecast.

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