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Department of Justice to announce leak investigations

Sessions & Trump backlash

The Department of Justice will announce an investigation into government leaks over the next week, an official familiar with the matter told CBS News' Paula Reid.

The investigations have "been in the works for some time," according to the official. 

It is expected that the investigation will encompass leaks related to the Manchester terror attack, among other leaks of sensitive information to the press. It is unusual for the Justice Department to announce investigations.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who has recently been criticized several times by President Trump for not being "tougher on the leaks from the intelligence agencies," issued a statement in May hinting at potential leak investigations.  

"These leaks cannot be tolerated and we will make every effort to put an end to it," Sessions' statement reads, referencing the Manchester terror attack leaks. "We have already initiated appropriate steps to address these rampant leaks that undermine our national security."

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