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Dems Tout Bernanke Comments

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke may have offered a rather lukewarm endorsement of a second economic stimulus package, but that didn’t stop congressional Democrats from rushing to tout Bernanke’s comments Monday morning.

“Chairman Bernanke made it clear that a new economic recovery package is critical to boost our weakening economy,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said in a statement.

“Bernanke added his voice to the chorus of economists, experts and policymakers who insist that America needs a job-creating recovery package to get our economy back on track and to restore consumer and investor confidence.”

Democratic Sen. Charles Schumer also praised the Fed chief.

“Chairman Bernanke is saying what anyone who looks at the economy knows is obvious: we need to help not only Wall Street, but also Main Street.”

Bernanke was not specific about the size of a stimulus package, but Democrats are hoping to push a $150 billion package through in mid-November.