Democratic Convention Video: Everywhere Online, But HD Awesomeness on Official Site

This story was written by Rafat Ali.
Yes, I know..we don't need more coverage of the Democratic convention which started this evening, but I have to point out the live video feeds online. Every major site and TV network is live streaming it online in full, including, (on Yahoo News),,, and Cspan (with a very nice aggregation site). Surprsingly, everyone has a bit of lag in the live feed, or at least not synced up with each other.

Meanwhile, is doing something is going live with its own analysis this evening and every day for the rest of the convention. Even HuffPo has its own live coverage using Kyte video service. And then everyone is live blogging it from there.

But the most awesome (I have probably never used that word in seven years of this site) online video feed is on the official Democratic Convention site, on site. It is in HD, and uses Move Networks' plugin and using *Microsoft* Silverlight...MSFT just announced its investment in Move. You have to watch it here to see the potential of HD video online...certainly shows the potential of how great HD video can look online, though there have been some doubts on how it could scale without overloading the underlying infrastructure of the Internet.

By Rafat Ali