Delegate Your Gmail Account to Your Assistant. Also, You Should Hire an Assistant

Last Updated Jan 4, 2011 11:48 PM EST

If you use Microsoft Outlook with Exchange, you might already know the convenience of delegating e-mail duties to someone else. Your assistant can handle mundane e-mail tasks, such as meeting requests and filtering low priority messages. But if you also maintain a Gmail account, you had to do that one all by yourself. Not anymore: Now you can delegate Gmail as well.

It's quite simple to do. You can give anyone with a Gmail account permission to manage your Gmail inbox with just a few clicks. To do that, click Settings and then click the Accounts and Import tab. Near the bottom, you should see a new entry labeled Grant access to your account. Enter a valid Gmail address.

When your assistant verifies the request, they'll be able to view their own Gmail and yours in separate browser tabs. And while your assistant can send and receive e-mail on your behalf, you still have full access to your messages and only you can change your e-mail settings. For a few more juicy details, check out the Gmail Blog.