Wine critic Antonio Galloni on Delectable app and why rosé is having a moment

Navigating wine aisles with an app

World-renowned wine critic Antonio Galloni is on a mission to teach people that wine is for everyone.

In 2013, Galloni started a go-to website for wine lovers called Vinous which has readers in more than 90 countries and includes wine reviews, profiles of drinking destinations, and vineyard maps.

Galloni's mobile app Delectable helps people learn about wine—and it's offering a premium subscription starting Friday.

For $5.99 a month, users can access nearly 250,000 expert reviews on Vinous by simply scanning a wine label on their phone.

Wine shoppers can also search for reviews at Delectable kiosks in 365 by Whole Foods stores.

Galloni joined "CBS This Morning" to discuss the new features of his app, his mission, and why rosé is so popular right now.

"When I walk into a restaurant, I want to see a wine on every table. And our mission with Vinous and Delectable is to touch every single person in the world who has an interest in wine," Galloni said.

Most people buy wine by the label, which Galloni says isn't necessarily bad—it's a start.

"An app like Delectable can take you to the next level by giving you all that information plus five million user reviews," Galloni said.

Something that the average wine drinker probably doesn't know how to do is pair wine with food. Delectable's partnership with Whole Foods can help with that.

"Take it to the kiosk, scan it, you look at the Delectable user review alongside with curated content from Whole Foods like recipes, for example," Galloni explained.

He also weighed in on the surging popularity of rosé wines, which have even been called "the wine of the people." According to Galloni, there are two reasons for this trend.

"There's more rosés than ever before," he said. Also, "Those wines are really affordable. You know one of the big trends in wine is that it, it's just never been a better time to be a wine consumer because there's so many choices from all over the world of wines that are affordable."