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Deadline extended in CBS-Dish negotiations

A 7 p.m. Thursday night deadline came and went as CBS and Dish negotiated financial terms.

Thursday night, CBS issued a statement that the network programming was remaining on the air with Dish while negotiations progress into the evening.

CBS, the parent company of, and Dish had been locked in negotiations for weeks, twice extending talks in hopes of thrashing out a deal.

The dispute is the latest in a series of clashes in recent years between broadcasters and pay-TV distributors over so-called carriage fees - the fees cable and satellite TV providers pay to rebroadcast programming. Networks want a good deal for their content, with carriage fees seen as an important way to generate revenue growth. On the other side, pay-TV companies are eager to keep costs down.

Not surprisingly, those diverging interests often end in brinkmanship -- and sometimes a blackout.

Earlier this year, for example, DirecTV (DTV) subscribers lost access to The Weather Channel because of a dispute over retransmission fees. In 2013, Time Warner Cable (TWC) dropped CBS' signal in several major markets around the country before the sides eventually struck a new deal.

TV distributors have also periodically threatened to stop carrying the signals of ABC (DIS), Fox (FOXA) and other content providers, although typically an agreement is reached that prevents a blackout.

Carriage fees are a growing source of profit for media companies. SNL Kagan estimates that media companies will earn $7.2 billion in such fees by 2019, up from $3.3 billion last year.

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