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Dave's Made It Home!

"Early Show" weather anchor and features reporter Dave Price has returned to New York City plaza at 8:14 a.m.

Sleep-deprived, after completing a cross-country challenge that started in from Santa Monica, Calif. and ended in New York City, Price proved that he could do the trek in a week with just a backpack and $50 in his wallet.

Price said he was on time for the program, arriving at New York's Penn Station at 6:51 a.m., but did some walking around the city.

Welcomed by "Early Show" co-anchors Maggie Rodriguez and Harry Smith and CBS Medical Correspondent Dr. Jennifer Ashton, who gave him a quick check-up, Price was elated to be home.

Although, he could barely speak and didn't smell the greatest, he talked about the highlights of his trip, which included the generosity of the people he met along the way.

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Everywhere he went, people would feel his backpack and were surprised that it was legitimately filled with things that he needed for survival.

"In this day of fake reality television, no one would believe it was genuine. The crew that followed me didn't even give me French fries. I had to argue that if they dropped on the table, then I could eat them."

Although Price got thousands of tweets offering help, he didn't read them in time and missed out on some opportunities to get a ride back.

After taking on some odd jobs and traveling on foot and by bus and plane, Price returned with $58. 51, which he donated to the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.

Price said that the first thing that he will do when he gets home is hug his dog. He joked that his dog would probably run away from him because of his stench.

The trip, Dave said, helped him come to a new appreciation of the U.S.

"There is nothing nowhere, name the continent that is as beautiful, from one shore to another, from one border to another as our own country. It is simply spectacular," Dave said. "This was a strange, unintended gift, and it's not like I didn't appreciate America before. ... It's really a privilege to stop (and meet) all those people who make up the country."

The challenge ultimately turned into "a week of personal growth" for Price.

"It was a pleasure to do; it was a joy," he said. "Would I do it again? In a second."

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