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Date Night: Score Free Babysitting, Dinner Deals and More

You finally have a night to yourself and want to spend it with your favorite person. Here are four ways to make the evening more affordable.

Swap Babysitting Duty with Friends

Round up another family or two and take turns baby-sitting the kids so each couple can have date night now and again without paying for a sitter. If you go out for four hours, twice a month and would have paid a baby sitter $10 per hour, you can save $80 per month.

Eat at the Bar

You walk into a new restaurant and there's a 45-minute wait. Meantime, there are two empty stools at the bar. There you can eat well at a fraction of the price if you stick to the bar menu -- and I'm not just talking fish and chips. Many restaurants are offering fancy food on the cheap while eating at the bar. You can easily save 30 percent off your normal dining bill.

Grab Standby Theater Tickets

Ten minutes before curtain call pop by the local theater and see if anyone has yet to pick up their tickets or if there are any standby tickets available. These tickets usually go for a sweet discount. At The Walnut Street Theatre in Philadelphia, for example, standby seating is only $35, compared with more than $100 normally.

Get Discounted Movie Tickets

If the theatre was a no-go, head to the movies. Bring your Costco or AAA-discounted tickets which can save you as much as 40 percent off the cinema price. Tickets are valid for any movie at the theater. More money for popcorn and treats!

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