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Keith Famie on cover of his cookbook 2001
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You may know Keith Famie was the one who came in third on Survivor: The Australian Outback. But in Detroit, he has been a local celebrity for about 10 years. And he gives a taste of his talent on The Saturday Early Show.

In the Detroit area, Famie, 41, runs or has run several restaurants, authored a cookbook and has appeared on local TV stations doing cooking segments. He just has published a new cookbook, "Famie's Adventures in Cooking.".

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Since Survivor, Famie's fame has gone national - at least among aficionados of the show.

"All of us who are playing have some degree of confidence," Famie said after the show was filmed last fall in Australia. "This game is not for the meek and mild."

That observation has held true in ways Famie might not have imagined before upward of 27 million people began tuning in to the reality TV program over 14 weeks. In the Outback, Famie almost was expelled in Episode 4, drew gripes from co-contestants about the rice he cooked and lost at least 27 pounds. He went from being an Internet bookmaker's favorite at 4-to-1 odds before Episode 1 to a distant third by the end of the adventure.

The treatment he received as a minor icon of American pop culture was nearly as harsh. The New York Times chimed in with criticism of his culinary expertise, prompting him to quip at an April charity event that his next book would be called, "Yes, I CAN Cook Rice."

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