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Cubby syncs files across all your PCs and devices

(MoneyWatch) COMMENTARY If Dropbox, SkyDrive, SugarSync, Box, and Mimedia aren't quite enough to suit you, fear not: There's a new cloud storage service to choose from. Cubby is the latest cloud service on the block, and it has a lot to offer. Indeed, even if you've never been compelled to move to the cloud before, Cubby might be the service to convince you.

Cubby isn't a fresh startup -- it's a new service from LogMeIn, which you probably know as the remote access app that lets you connect to your PC from another computer or even from your iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

Unlike Dropbox or SkyDrive, Cubby doesn't make you choose files to store in the cloud and copy them to a new folder. Instead, Cubby lets you keep your existing file and folder organization, and simply specify to synchronize them with other PCs and devices -- sort of like the way that a cloud backup solution works, in effect. Or, if you're familiar with it, Microsoft's Live Mesh. But unlike Mesh, these synchronized files don't count against the 5GB of standard cloud storage that Cubby provides, so you can essentially sync all of the files on your work PC with a laptop and your home computer at no additional cost.

Cubby has a lot of broad device support. There's a desktop client for Windows, as well as apps for both iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android. You can try it out by signing up for the beta, though Cubby is throttling its beta program, so you might need to wait a few days for your invite. Right now, though, the wait appears to be well worth it. The final pricing and features haven't been announced yet though, so try it out now and see if it's something you might want to subscribe to when the product leaves beta.

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