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Cubby: Cloud storage goes pro, offers a terabyte

(MoneyWatch) There's no shortage of cloud storage solutions to choose from, but even in its extended beta run, Cubby has distinguished itself as one of the best. As I've previously mentioned, Cubby gives you 5GB free with the opportunity to amass another 20GB through referrals. And Cubby's eponymous features is perhaps the best reason to try it: You can turn any folder on your computer into a "cubby," which is synced with the cloud and your other PCs. This, in contrast, to other cloud services that limit you to syncing a particular folder.

The news this week, though, is that Cubby is leaving beta. You're no longer limited to 5 (or 25, if you do a lot of networking) GB of storage. For $6.99/month, you can get 100GB of storage. Need more space? There are 10 standard single-user plans available, ranging all the way up to a full terabyte of storage (for $40/month). And for a limited time, you can get the 100GB plan for just $3.99/month.

You can also sign up for multi-user plans. The pricing is the same, though the more users you want to include, the higher the storage you need to sign up for. Two users start with the 200GB plan ($7.98/month), for example, while 10 users can get the terabyte plan for $40.

In addition to additional storage, pro users get access to Cubby Locks, which offers industrial-grade encryption, as well as DirectSync -- file synchronization across PCs without first needing to upload files to the cloud.

A Cubby spokesman has assured me that Beta users who have amassed more than the default 5GB of storage will keep be allowed to keep it as Cubby leaves beta. Cubby is one of the very best cloud storage solutions and it keeps getting better. If you need more online storage, you might want to take advantage of Cubby's bargain rate.

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