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CrossLoop Remote-Control App Comes to Mac

CrossLoop can now connect you to Macs.
Good news for the "I'm a Mac" crowd: CrossLoop is now available for Mac OS X. And what the heck is CrossLoop? Oh, just one of our all-time favorite remote-control/screen-sharing tools, that's all.

How might you use such a tool? Here's an example: Not long ago I wanted to give Dave a guided tour of the analytics tool we use here on Business Hacks. We each downloaded and ran the tiny CrossLoop app. Then I gave Dave the code number generated by my app, which he keyed into his app. Presto! In seconds he was "sharing" my screen, able to see everything I was seeing.

I also had the option of giving Dave remote control of my system, which would be handy if he was, say, an IT guy helping me fix a problem.

As it happens, that's kind of CrossLoop's raison d'etre these days: It pairs tech-support guru types (i.e. "helpers") with people who need help with their PCs. (Not a bad little sideline business if you're looking for some extra income.)

Getting back to the Mac version, it offers cross-platform compatibility, meaning Windows users can share/control Mac desktops and vice-versa. That's perfect for businesses that run both operating systems.

Best of all, CrossLoop is free (though the company does take a cut if you become a helper, natch).

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