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Crisis Management Strategy: Prayer?

pray-for-rain.jpgThe south's drying out in a drought, and government officials are starting to wonder if the devil went down to Georgia. Sonny Perdue, the state's governor, is doing everything in his power -- including invoking a higher one -- to combat the drought. Today he'll join lawmakers and ministers on the steps of the state Capital to engage in a ceremonial rain dance -- naked. Ok, so that's a lie, but they will join on the Capital steps to engage in group prayer. It's all magical thinking in the end, so really what's the difference?

Rocky Twyman, who organized a gospel concert in
Atlanta dedicated to rain, commented:

"We need to try a different approach. We need to call on God, because what we're doing isn't working. We think that instead of all this fussing and fighting, Governor Perdue and all these others would come together and pray."
In times of crisis, we, as individuals, often look for a return to faith; but is it indulgent and irresponsible for a leader to promote this type of surrender as a viable solution? What if a CEO responded to financial trouble -- a sales drought, if you will -- by congregating with the board and shareholders to hold hands and ask the Almighty for help? How would that fly?

Prayer in leadership seems to be both a deflection and a form of manipulation -- an exploitation of our most intrinsic vulnerability: the desire for purpose and salvation beyond the perceived limitations of our own personal power.

(Pray for Rain image courtesy of colros, cc 2.0)

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