Craig James Previews Week 11

The San Francisco 49ers' dynasty seems to be coming to an end. Can anyone fill the shoes that this great organization will leave behind? Jeff George has found a new home while the Niners' Lawrence Phillips has found another way to break one up. Who is leading the way in the MVP vote and what teams look strong down the stretch?

To help you out will be sitting down with CBS Sports announcers all season to give you their previews and opinions about current NFL news and each week's schedule.

CBS Sports broadcaster and former NFL player Craig James is hear to kickoff the eleventh week of the season. The dynasty that the San Francisco 49ers built over the past two-decades seems to be coming to an end. Is there a team in the league right now that could fill the Niners shoes and become the next great NFL dynasty?

Craig James: I would have to look at the Indianapolis Colts and say with Peyton ManningÂ… if there is going to be a new dynasty, that they have a chance of doing it with Indianapolis and the Colts.

The problem they are going to have is trying to keep all these guys together, but if Edgerrin James, Marvin Harrison, Ken Dilger the tight end and Peyton Manning all stick together, I believe the Colts have a chance. They are gonna attract free agent players to their market.

Guys are going to want to go in there and play for Colts knowing they have a chance at a world championship. They have a Super Bowl champion offense today... the defense is close. We are coming down to the final stretch of the season. What players do you see leading the way in the MVP vote?

Craig James: Wow! Let me think about that one here before I just fly off with you.

At this point, I think Kurt Warner has the first half MVP honors going his way. And if Warner and the Rams could continue the beat that they have, Kurt is going to get a lot of votes for it. Marshall Faulk, on his team though as well, should gather a lot of votes for MVP honors.

And in the AFC, Peyton Manning the Colts right now are very hot. And Peyton Manning is the reason... I would have to give him a lot of consideration as well. What are the key match-ups for Week 11?

Craig James
Craig James: I think one of the key-match ups this week is going to be... Pete Carrol trying to get his Patriots ready to go down and play - with their backs against the wall - against Jimmy Johnson and the Dolphins.

Jimmy Johnson's Dolphins are mad right now, they were embarrassed last week against Buffalo. You and I both know, everyone in America knows, Jimmy Johnson is not an easy guy after a tough loss like they had.

I expect his ball club to be mentally and physically ready to play this game. And the Patriots are right on the cuff of folding camp. This is a game where they continue towards the playoffs or the Patriots fall off the map. Quarterback Jeff George has played for a number of NFL teams - but it wasn't until he got to Minnesota that he was able to make such an impact. Why do you think this talented, but unruly quarterback fits so well with the Vikings organization?

Craig James: I don't want to really jump on Jeff George's bandwagon yet. I am not up for that. The guy has a big cannon-arm, but he also has a great receiver in Randy Moss and Cris Carter that he is just throwing the ball up to right now.

I don't think the Vikings are a great football team. Two weeks ago the Cowboys had them pounded... if Emmitt Smith hadn't gone out of the game, and Troy Aikman out of the game, the Vikings would have lost big time to the Cowboys. Instead they continue to win.

I just think it is a matter right now that Vikings are winning because there is nobody in the NFC that is worth a flip. TheyÂ're kin of all in the same bunch right now of mediocrity. Jeff George has to continue to win, week-in and week-out, and at the end of the year then he will get his dues. Whose your pick to win the Super Bowl and why?

Craig James: Right now in the AFC, as tough as it is, I am going to go with Tennessee. I think that Tennessee has a defense as good as the Jaguars, and an offense capable, much more capable than the Jacksonville Jaguars' offense.

The AFC East is going to beat themselves up. They will all be battle tested, battle ready. But the reason the AFC Central champion, division champion has a chance is because they will have the home-field advantage.

Their schedule is so much easier than the AFC East. A better team will come out of the East, I don't know if they can overtake them. So I am going to say Tennessee.

And in the NFC you would have to go with the Rams until we see their defense or offense fall apart.

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