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Court Worker Tony Simmons Pled Guilty to Rape and Avoided Jail...Until He Started Bragging

Juvenile Court Counselor Tony Simmons Head Back to Trial for Allegedly Raping Three NY Teens
Tony Simmons (WCBS)

NEW YORK (CBS/AP) A juvenile justice worker who pled guilty to raping three teenage girls and was all set to receive only probation for it is back to being a defendant again...because he allegedly boasted about his conquests, claiming his victims "enjoyed it."

Tony Simmons faced Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Cassandra Mullen for the second time Monday, reports The New York Post.; The judge said that because Simmons showed a "disturbing" lack of remorse and responsibility during his probation interviews, she was voiding his guilty plea and rescinded her pledge to keep Simmons out of jail.

Justice Mullen said Simmons had spent the past six weeks claiming his victims had enticed him and that one of them actually thanked him.

"There is nothing more fundamental to our system of justice than that a court accept a guilty plea only from those who understand their guilt and unequivocally admit it," Mullen said.

"(Simmons) does not admit his guilt and, more alarming, has no understanding that his conduct was wrong and, perhaps most outrageously, blames the victims."

The judge said she would offer Simmons a three-year prison term instead or let him withdraw his guilty plea; however, Simmons declined both offers and is back on track for trial.

Simmons, who is accused of molesting the three teens in the Family Court building in 2005 and 2008 remains free on bond while the case unfolds.