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Corey Lewandowski to head Donald Trump's VP search

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Corey Lewandowski has helmed Donald Trump's campaign since he announced his candidacy last June. Now he's taking on another role for Trump, too: heading up his search for a running mate.

The close adviser to Trump will head his vice-presidential search, CBS News confirmed Tuesday. He will continue in his other roles for the campaign as well, with top aides Paul Manafort, Michael Glassner and Rick Wiley continuing to focus their efforts on preparing for the Republican National Convention this July.

Trump is also enlisting former opponent Ben Carson in his search for a running mate. The presumptive nominess has said he hopes to find someone who is a "political person," who has established networks in Washington and can help him navigate the DC political world. He has ruled out choosing a Democrat.

The presumptive GOP nominee has also said he plans to announce his pick this summer at the GOP convention in Cleveland.

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