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Copy Cameraphone Pix to Your PC with Belkin Bluetooth Adapter

belkin-bluetooth-usb.jpgSnapping photos on your phone? Easy. Getting those photos off your phone? PITA. That's the reckoning behind the Belkin Bluetooth USB Adapter with Kodak Picture Upload Technology (there's a name that rolls right off the tongue), a $50 gizmo that promises to make for effortless phone-to-PC photo transfers.

In a nutshell, the product wirelessly beams photos from your Bluetooth-enabled phone to your newly Bluetooth-enabled Windows XP or Vista PC. This happens automatically, whenever your two devices get within range of each other. Once the transfer is complete, Kodak's software can upload the pix to the Kodak Gallery or a third-party site like Facebook. Make sure you check the list of compatible phones before buying. Happily, most popular models are there, ranging from the Motorola RAZR to the Palm Treo 755p.

This could be a terrific solution for folks who rely heavily on their cameraphones (realtors come to mind), but I wish Kodak would offer just the software for those of us who already have Bluetooth-equipped PCs. [via Engadget Mobile]

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