Cops: Woman arrested for punching Walmart greeter on Christmas Eve

Shoppers wheel their purchases out of a Wal-Mart store in Los Angeles, Calif. before dawn on Black Friday, Nov. 27, 2009.
OBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images
Gift Receipt

(CBS/WMAZ) BATAVIA, N.Y. - A New York woman accused of punching a Walmart greeter who asked to see her receipts as she left the store on Christmas Eve, ended up spending the holiday behind bars.

According to CBS affiliate WMAZ, Jacquetta Simmons, 26, was charged with two counts of second-degree assault, says State Police Trooper Tracy Patterson. Simmons faces the second count because the victim, 70-year-old Grace Suozzi, is over 65.

Patterson says Simmons allegedly punched Suozzi after the employee asked Simmons to show receipts for items the customer was carrying in store bags, reports WMAZ. After hitting Suozzi and knocking her over, Simmons ran out of the store. However, Walmart employees and customers surrounded her and prevented her from leaving the scene until police arrived.

Suozzi suffered fractures to the left side of her face and significant swelling, Patterson says.

On Sunday, Simmons was reportedly still being held in Genesee County Jail in lieu of $20,000 bail.

Patterson said Simmons had receipts for everything in her bags, WMAZ reports.