Cop shot during standoff in Fargo, North Dakota

Police in north Fargo, North Dakota on night of February 11, 2016 near scene of standoff with suspect in a home who shot an officer


Last Updated Feb 11, 2016 7:23 AM EST

FARGO, N.D. -- A Fargo police officer was shot amid a standoff with a domestic violence suspect and was not expected to survive his injuries, police in North Dakota said early Thursday.

The suspect might also have suffered a gunshot wound during the exchange of gunfire.

Officer Jason Moszer, 33, responded to the standoff Wednesday night and parked near the home the suspect was barricaded in, Fargo Deputy Police Chief Joe Anderson said.

The incident began around 7 p.m. after a report that the suspect had fired a gun at his wife. Authorities said the suspect continued to fire multiple rounds from inside the home.

Moszer was struck by the suspect's gunfire, Anderson said. A SWAT team in an armored vehicle retrieved the injured officer and took him to a hospital.

"He is not expected to survive," an emotional Anderson said, adding that Moszer's family was at the hospital, "saying goodbye to him."

Fargo, North Dakota police officer Jason Moszer in undated photo
Fargo, North Dakota police officer Jason Moszer in undated photo

The standoff was still ongoing early Thursday morning.

Anderson said authorities have tried to communicate with the suspect through negotiators, but he has been unresponsive. Authorities are not entirely sure of his identity, Anderson said.

The man's son called dispatchers and said the suspect had fired a gun at his wife.

The caller and his mother were able to escape the home unharmed, Anderson said.

The suspect then called dispatchers and told them to evacuate nearby houses because he planned to open fire.

Police did door-to-door checks on nearby houses and don't believe anyone else was injured, but residents were being told to stay indoors, Anderson said.

CBS Fargo, North Dakota affiliate KXJB-TV reports the suspect has multiple long guns in the house.

Some nearby business were in lockdown but it was lifted and customers were allowed to leave, the station says.

Among them was the Fargo Civic Center, which was hosting a Disturbed concert.