Cop Arrests Same Man His Father Busted 28 Years Ago, in Salem, Mass.

Mass. Cop Arrests Same Man His Father Did 28 Years Earlier

SALEM, Mass. (CBS/AP) When Salem, Mass., police officer Kevin St. Pierre arrested a man suspected of robbing two stores this week, he thought the suspect's name sounded familiar.

He was right.

His father, former Chief Robert St. Pierre, had arrested Clement Lavigne 28 years ago during an investigation of a series of arsons in the city.

Kevin St. Pierre was 4-years-old at the time, and his dad was a lieutenant.

The younger St. Pierre told The Salem News the suspect's name rang a bell when he made the robbery arrest Thursday, but he didn't realize who he'd nabbed until veteran officers reminded him.

When St. Pierre's dad arrested Lavigne the year was 1982, the case was arson, and Lavigne, who was then 24, was convicted and sent to prison.

Today, Clement Lavigne is 53. This time he pleaded not guilty to breaking and entering, and larceny, and was ordered held on $50,000 bail.

We're guessing he doesn't fully appreciate the St. Pierre family's dedication to law and order.