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Cool Accessories For The Heat

On the latest Chic on a Shoestring, The Early Show takes a look at great accessories to tote to the beach or the pool.

The editors at Redbook magazine say they are always looking for the latest trends that are stylish, but affordable. Redbook's Cheryl Kramer stopped by to prove that theory as she put The Early Show's Harry Smith, Rene Syler and Dave Price to the test.

It was a very competitive game with Rene taking the lead, but soon after Dave and Harry caught up. The score ended in a tie.

Kramer says the following accessories aren't just for making you look chic; some will actually keep you cool on the hot sand.

Picnic Backpack

These backpacks are perfect for a beach picnic, says Kramer. They both feature an insulated compartment for storing food. They both feature insulated wine or drink holders. They both also come with glasses, dishes, and silverware.

Kmart, $39.99

Sur La Table, $89.95

Difference: The Sur La Table comes with more dishes, glasses and silverware. The Sur La Table backpack is also made with a higher quality material and it feels sturdier.

Brightly Patterned Beach Bags

Kramer says these beach bags are perfect for throwing in your beach reading, your sunglasses, and sunscreen.

Gap, $19.50

Etro, $285

Difference: The Gap bag is plastic. Etro is brushed cotton for a silky texture. Etro is a luxury Italian brand known for its original fabrics. According to Kramer, this is quite a deal for an Etro bag. But the Gap bag is great, she says, because it is plastic, which is perfect for having by the pool.

Monogrammed Waterproof Wallets

These wallets are perfect to use on the beach or by the pool. Stash your cash for popsicles and beverages in these waterproof wallets and you're set to go.

Claire's, $7

Bendel's, $38

Difference: The zipper's a little tougher on the Claire's wallet and the stitching is a bit more refined on the Bendel's wallet.

Wraparound Sunglasses

Another major staple of the summer are sunglasses -- they are musts to protect your eyes. This year's trend leans more towards the big-frame Jackie O style.

Nine West, $32

Valentino, $180

Difference: The Valentino shades have a more solid construction and studding detail.

Floppy Beach Hats

Hats are in style this season. Kramer says one should try a classic floppy hat to screen the face from the sun's rays.

Benetton, $38

Eric Javitz, $190

Difference: Eric Javitz is the preeminent hat designer, so you're paying for the cachet.

Jelly Sandals
Anything jelly is huge this season, according to Kramer. These stylish jelly sandals are perfect for the beach because they keep your feet cool from the hot sand.

Reaction by Kenneth Cole, $21

Ferragamo, $85

Difference: The buckle on the Kenneth Cole is a little bulkier, but overall, they're incredibly similar.

Shell Jewelry

Shell jewelry is hot this season, says Kramer. It is perfect to wear to the beach, or out on the town for cocktails.

Anthropologie, $58

Bare, $410

Difference: The Bare necklace is all gold with an Abalone shell and more design detail. The Anthropologie necklace has a mother of pearl shell and the chain is not gold.

Head Scarf
This trend has been hot this spring/summer. Singer Jessica Simpson has been photographed looking very polished and glam while sporting this trend. Kramer says the scarf is perfect for those days you don't want to fuss with your hair.

Banana Republic, $28

Burberry, $70

Difference: This is really a case where it's all about the prestige of the label. The Banana Republic scarf is silk. The Burberry is printed cotton.

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