Control Yourself Gets Seed Round For Microblogging Service

This story was written by Tameka Kee.
Twitter finally gets a business development exec, and now, there's more investment in the micro-blogging space ... Control Yourself, the Canadian startup behind, an open-source micro-blogging stream, has received seed funding from Montreal Start Up. The exact amount was undisclosed, but Montreal Start Up Managing Partner John Stokes told GigaOm that the firm invests between $120,135 (C$150,000) and $320,329 (C$400,000) per deal.

On the company blog, founder and CEO Evan Prodromou said Control Yourself will use the funds to help grow into a monetizable "network of public and private microblogging sites." Clearly investors are still interested in the space: *eBay* founder Pierre Omidyar just launched Ginx, a startup that lets Twitter users share media links, and Stocktwits, a "stock-picking community" on Twitter, got funded in late December. But recently, a phishing scam exposed high-profile Twitterers like Barack Obama and Britney Spears to hackersraising the issue of whether companies will feel safe about doing big money deals with Twitter, or any other microblogging platform in the future.

By Tameka Kee