Contigo West Loop: The Ultimate Travel Mug?

Last Updated Oct 12, 2010 11:14 AM EDT

Back when I used to drink coffee, I owned an assortment of travel mugs -- and they were all different degrees of crummy. They didn't keep the coffee warm for very long, and they would absolutely positively leak if tipped over.

Gizmodo's Joel Johnson calls the Contigo Autoseal West Loop Travel Mug a "lifechanger," gushing so enthusiastically about it that he actually makes me miss coffee (even more than usual). Here's a sample of his rave review:

The magic of Contigo is their one-touch button lids, which more or less make it impossible for a person to spill liquid from the mugs on accident. You have to press the button each time you sip to open a small port on the top of the mug. At first that seems a little bit annoying, but I quickly stopped thinking about it. Grab to swig, give a squeeze, glug-a-lug.

And because there's an airtight on top, the insulation works very well. I can make coffee in the morning--or at least the second cup--and it'll still be drinkably warm a couple of hours later.

Available in six snazzy colors, the West Loop sells for a reasonable $19.99 (though Johnson notes that he's seen two-packs selling for that same price at Costco). If you've tried one yourself (or know of a better travel mug), give us your own review in the comments.

Me, I'm off to stare longingly at my empty coffee pot -- and remind myself of the health benefits of tea.

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