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Condom Company Wants to Know Where Its Products Go

A Swedish condom company is giving away 100,000 "uniquely numbered" condoms and asking recipients to write on the company's blog the story of where the condom ended up (geographically, not anatomically) and who the user met.

The effort, for the LAFA condom company by ad agency Ester, comes with a cute set of ads depicting various meet-cutes -- BNET's favorite is the one featuring a couple sunbathing by a pool. A waiter pours the woman in a swimsuit a glass of champage, but the condom numbers are attached to the woman and the waiter, not the boyfriend. (Oddly, all the ads seem to have "cheating" as their main theme.)

The campaign proves once again that European condom and anti-AIDS advertising is far superior to the stuff produced in the U.S. (Trojan's men-as-animated pigs, really?)

The Swedish campaign is entertainingly chaste, compared to one by the Lega Italiana per la Lotta contro l'Aids. As you can see in the image below, the final initial in "HIV" is presented in the least subtle way possible.

Images via AdPharm.