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Compare Shipping Rates with ShipGooder

If you ship a lot of packages, you probably use the same courier for expediency's sake. But if you ship infrequently, it makes sense to shop around for the best rates. ShipGooder makes it a snap to compare shipping costs between various couriers.

All you do is plug in the origin and destination ZIP codes, then specify the number of packages and total weight. In a matter of seconds, ShipGooder shows you the rates for everything from ground shipping to same-day.

The results include only the major couriers (UPS, Fedex, etc.), but you can also go to the Couriers page to find local and regional services. I found this latter option a bit confusing, as rate searches don't seem to include these little guys. But at least it gives you contact information for the local outfits, which is helpful when you just need to ferry something across town.

ShipGooder is a free service, and it takes just seconds to use. Definitely worth bookmarking if you're trying to save money on shipping -- and these days, who isn't?

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