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Column: ObamaBot Inspires Personal Epiphany

This story was written by Josh Burkard, Independent Florida Alligator

This political season has been tough for me. So far, Ive avoided thinking about it by focusing on giving congressional offices an earful about the $700 billion they just flushed down the toilet.

Eventually, I had to make a choice. Both candidates seem to want to repeat the mistakes of the Great Depression, but my friends urged me not to throw my vote away on a third party. I didnt know what to do, and I started to feel a little distraught.

Then I saw the ObamaBot and realized I was overthinking things.

I need to be more like that robot. Waving signs. Spouting prerecorded sound bites. After all, this is a movement, and everyone wants to be a part of something big.

Who could argue with the thousands of stickers and signs on campus? Its time for me to stop worrying about empty political promises or the $35,000 of debt each of us owes.

Its time to join the winning team.

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