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It's been one year since the deadliest school shooting in U.S. history. After the April 20th bloodbath in Littleton, Colorado, 15 people, including the two student gunmen, were dead and the community was in shock. In the time since, the national gun control debate has raged on, Littleton has attempted to heal itself and there have been two more national school shootings. looks back at a year's worth of coverage.

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href="184065.story">A Year Of Pain And Politics

In the year since the Columbine massacre, there has been considerable debate and soul-searching, but little change in gun legislation or, sadly, the too-frequent horror of school violence.
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href="186362.story">Candidates Recall Columbine

On the anniversary of the Columbine High shootings, presidential rivals Al Gore and George W. Bush headed to schools in New Jersey and Texas, respectively, to discuss gun control and school violence.
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href="11192.story">Clinton Cites Columbine Legacy

The president continued his push for national gun legislation at a rally and town hall meeting in Denver, not far from the site of last year's Columbine High School massacre.
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href="186406.story">Preserving A Daughter's Spirit

Rachel Scott was hanging out with a friend outside Columbine High School when two of her classmates shot and wounded her, then asked if she believed in God. When she answered yes, they fired again and killed her.
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href="186587.story">Surviving The Memories

The impact was felt nationwide but in Littleton, the hurt remains. The healing takes place slowly, one survivor at a time. One case in point is that of Erin Walton and her life after Columbine.
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href="182151.story"> A Glimpse Inside Columbine

At Columbine High School most of the building damage from last April's massacre has been covered over, but there are reminders of what happened nearly one year ago. Members of the media got a tour of the school.
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href="185903.story">Dealing With Traumatic Anniversaries

Survivors of the Columbine and Oklahoma City attacks may be reliving those horrors because of the remembrances. An expert looks back and explains how to deal with situations like these.
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href="184010.story">Investigation Kept Under Wraps

Officials have turned down a request by two families to release materials from the Columbine High School shootings last year, prompting a lawsuit seeking the information.
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href="183922.story">'Boy In The Window' Won't Look Back

Recognized after his courageous escape from Columbine during the shooting, Patrick Ireland admits he has mixed feelings about the anniversary of the massacre. The support of friends and family keeps him going.
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href="171057.story">Police Report Draws Fire

Some parents of Columbine victims were outraged after parts of the final police report on last year's school shooting rampage were printed in the media before they were shown to the families.
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href="151858.story">School Gets New Library

The library at the center of the Columbine High School shooting will be torn down, but not everyone is happy about it. Shawn Boyd of CBS station KCNC-TV has the story.
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href="139942.story">Columbine Families See Tapes

The families of the Columbine High School murder victims were shown excerpts of the videos left by the killers, CBS News' Maureen Maher reports. They are still enraged that the tapes were released to Time without their knowledge.
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[CURL /now/story 70071-[SHOW affiliateID]]"> Gun-Seller Gets 6 Years

Mark Manes sold a semiautomatic handgun to the Columbine killers, now he will spend the next six years in prison. The killers' video diary was quoted at his sentencing, reports CBS News' John Blackstone.
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href="64075.story"> Arsenal Revealed

Investgators recovered 60 explosive devices from Columbine High School, sight of the deadly shooting rampage. Rick Sallinger of CBS Station KCNC-TV in Denver reports.
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href="63731.story">Was Columbine Girl A Martyr?

The story of how Cassie Bernall stood up to the shooters at Columbine High School last year by saying "yes" when asked if she believed in God touched many hearts. But it may not be true.
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href="154309.story">Stricter Colorado Gun Laws?

The Colorado state legislature heard testimony from a friend of the Columbine shooters, as the governing body considers tougher gun laws.
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href="67196.story">Families' Grief Channeled Into Courts

The Colorado community that came together to mourn its loss after the Columbine school shootings is being ripped apart by lawsuits. At the same time, students are trying to draw attention to youth violence.
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href="44902.story">eb Site Foretold Murder

A look at gunman Eric Harris' Web site and personalized computer game reveals a foreshadowing of the violence to come. CBS News' Bill Whitaker reports.
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href="175337.story">Gun Safety Goe$ Local

Boycotts by local governments? Nearly 30 cities and counties are pooling the money they spend on guns for law enforcement to force gun makers to improve their practices.
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href="167252.story">Gun Crazy

While gun control occupies a prominent spot in the national debate, the question remains as to whether it will be taken up in the political debates. Commentary by's Joel Roberts.

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