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Colorful homes pique buyers' interest

Today's real estate market makes it awfully hard for sellers to unload their properties. With more supply than demand, homes sit on the market for months -- sometimes years -- before a buyer finally closes a deal. The huge quantity of inventory means competition is steep amongst sellers in every price range, and many of them take unique steps to make their homes more appealing to buyers.

One of the easiest ways to make your home stand out is with a fresh coat of paint. The real estate professionals at Zillow have mined their active listings for an array of homes that show just how much of a difference color can make. Some of these color choices are too bold to appeal to a broad "spectrum" of buyers, but they certainly make these homes stand out.

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Location: Palm Beach, Fla.  
Listing Price: $27,900,000

If you are an affluent buyer with a penchant for fiery hues, this 17,000 square foot Italian-style villa could be the home for you. One of the mansion's most prominent features is an ornate library draped in red. Everything from the flashy furniture to the ceiling is awash in this bright color.

If you get overwhelmed by the sea of red, the property has many other rooms to choose from. The home, which sits on nearly two acres, contains six bedrooms and eight bathrooms. It's probable at least one of them will suite your color palette.


Location: Osprey, Fla.  
Listing Price: $5,750,000

The owners of this Florida property wanted to celebrate the Sunshine State's nickname with this inviting yellow foyer. The large estate with a 20-car garage also boasts five bedrooms (including a master suite) and six and a half bathrooms.

And what goes better with sunshine than a little water? This massive estate is situated on two bayfront lots, bringing together the best sand and surf Florida has to offer.


Location: St Petersburg, Fla.
Listing Price: $674,900

This 5,000 square foot home with five bedrooms and five bathrooms is a bargain compared to the other homes on this list. It seems fitting that this home, with a screening room that matches the color of the Atlantic Ocean, would be found in Florida. This blue room is a decorative departure from the rest of the Spanish-villa themed estate but remains the best place in the house to see a movie.

If you plan to share the wealth and invite guests into your personal movie theater for a midnight screening, don't worry - they don't have to spend the night on your couch. Friends and family can spend the night in the property's onsite guest house.


Location: Brooklyn, N.Y.
Listing Price: $13,995,000

New York is known as an epicenter of art and culture, and homes in the city often reflect this sensibility.This purple hallway seems like it should be in the Museum of Modern Art instead of a five-story Greek-Revival home. The 9,000 square foot property features 11 fireplaces and a gorgeous Charleston porch with 40-foot columns that opens to the garden.

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