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Colo. man, 60, killed by apparent stray bullet while camping

CASTLE ROCK, Colo. -- Investigators say that a 60-year-old man who went camping with his family Friday was shot by an apparent stray bullet and died, reports CBS Denver.

The incident reportedly occurred in the Rainbow Falls Park area of the Pike National Forest, located southwest of Denver. The victim's name has not been released.

Investigators are working to figure out where that bullet came from and who fired it, according to the station.

A witness told CBS Denver that there were some high-powered rifles being shot, as well as AK-47s with multiple rounds.

CBS Denver reports that the victim may have been hit by what police believe was a stray bullet, but that has yet to be confirmed.

"We believe that it was an errant bullet, however we have not been able to rule out whether or not this was an intentional act," Hanavan told the station.

The Douglas County Sheriff's Office is asking for witnesses who saw or heard someone shooting a high-powered rifle to call the Major Tip Line at (303) 660-7579.

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