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College dispenses morning-after pill in vending machine

In a quiet study lounge at the University of California, Davis, back in the corner just past the coffee cups, you’ll find contraception for sale in a vending machine.

If you look closely, the machine isn’t just stocked with condoms and pregnancy tests. It’s selling the morning-after pill. It dispenses the Plan B pill for $30 a box.

It’s known as the Wellness-To-Go machine, and it’s drawing more praise than criticism on campus, CBS Sacramento reports.

“I think it’s easier to take a Plan B than have to tell your parents you’re pregnant,” said one student.

“It’s useful so you don’t have to go the pharmacy,” her friend said.

That’s exactly why economics major Parteek Singh turned his focus to public health, spending close to two years trying to bring the vending machine into being.

“There was an incident where my friends went to the one pharmacy in town on a Friday night and they were all out of emergency contraception,” Singh told the station.

Singh is suddenly very popular on the UC Davis campus, and at others across the country. He’s taking calls from students everywhere asking him to help bring the wellness machine to their schools.

“I want to see this on every college campus,” he said.

Some moms are weighing in and showing support, as well.

“It encourages responsibility; if you mess up you mess up. It’s better than waiting and see if you get pregnant and having an abortion,” said Stephanie Richardson.

Asked whether the school has a public position on the vending machine in the UC system, a spokeswoman had no response. The spokeswoman did emphasize that the school senate worked with administration and health care officials in implementing the program.