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Collaboration Isn't Just For the Big Guys, Part 2

When a software suite can maintain a strong foothold in its market for more than 30 years, that's quite an achievement. In fact, there may only be one business software that can make this claim: Peachtree Accounting, a small-business management software, which is now owned by UK-based Sage Software. It's been helping small businesses keep track of their resources since 1976. Just about anyone who knows a few small-business owners has seen, used or heard of Peachtree.

So it seemed like some kind of milestone when Sage Software announced on Monday that they have upgraded the newest version of Peachtree Web Accounting by teaming with Citrix Online and offering a version of Citrix's GoToMyPC called Peachtree Remote Access and a version of their GoToMeeting web conferencing called Peachtree Online Meeting. Now we can be certain that modern collaboration technologies have infiltrated the average small business.

Peachtree is not the first, or the largest accounting software maker to include these types of collaboration tools (QuickBooks has offered remote access for years), just the latest and the most old school.

(Note: To be fair, Peachtree was a little quicker than most in moving to Web-based accounting software in 2001, as explained in this article.)