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Cold Calling: Eight Keys To Success

Yesterday, I posted what could very well be the world's worst cold calling script. It's an excellent example of the most important rule of cold calling, which is that most cold calls fail in the first 20 seconds.

If you're going to be cold calling, your conversion rate will be largely dependent upon the strength of your opening statement. So here's what I want you to do.

Call your own voice mail and pretend that you've just gotten a prospect on the line. Listen to your opening statement carefully, then answer the following eight questions:

  1. Did you communicate respect for the customer's time?
  2. Did you sound like you're focused on helping the customer?
  3. Did you obtain permission to continue the conversation?
  4. Did you immediately identify who you are?
  5. Did you provide a compelling reason to speak with you?
  6. Did you mention a customer-oriented benefit?
  7. Did you avoid details that would normally emerge later?
  8. Did you guide the customer to the needs analysis part of the call?
If any answers to those questions aren't an emphatic "YES!", then you need to rework your opening. Here are some posts to help you get started:
BTW: The list above is adapted from a conversation I had a while back with the great Keith Rosen, author of "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Closing the Sale."
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