Cocktail apps for making drinks and sharing recipes

Need help making scrumptious cocktails? These mobile apps will help you become an expert bartender.

Cocktail Flow is a stylish app that features beautiful photos, bartending tips and drink suggestions based on what liquor is in your cabinet. You can even pick recipes based on color. The app is free for iOS and Android smartphones, $2.95 for Android tablets and $.99 for Windows Phone 7.

Wine lovers can download an app called Pair It -- which matches over 180 wines with more than 1,000 dishes. A fun feature called swirl lets you spin the wheel to pick a random wine or food pairing. The app costs $4.99 at Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

Gluten Free Bartender is a handy app for those who are sensitive to gluten. The app features a guide of brands that carry gluten-free beer, liquor and wine. It also has a list of recipes that are compatible with a gluten-free diet. The app is $2.99 at Apple’s App Store.

BarNotes is like a social network for cocktail enthusiasts. Anyone can post original recipes, along with ingredients, stories and photos. Follow popular bartenders to get a feed of their latest creations. The app is free at Apple’s App Store. 

Hopefully these apps will make mixing drinks a breeze -- cheers!