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Co-Star Remembers Patrick Swayze

We are all missing Patrick Swayze now. But what was it like to work with him?

Larry Gillard Jr., Swayze's co-star in "The Beast," Swayze's final show, joined Early Show co-anchor Maggie Rodriguez from Los Angeles to share his memories of the stellar actor.

"He was amazing to work with, just an amazing spirit. I learned a lot from working with him. You know, he was a professional, a consummate professional," said Gilliard, who also spent time with Swayze and his wife, Lisa off-set.

Swayze lost his two-year battle with pancreatic cancer this week.

According to Gillard, every day Swayze came to the set with "just something amazing" and brought "100 percent every day to the table."

Listen to Gillard discuss Swayze's work ethic and how he coped with his 2008 diagnosis of pancreatic cancer by clicking on the Play button below.

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